Don't Let an Invalid Marriage Remain a Part of Your Record

Consult an annulment lawyer in Fort Worth, TX

If you're ready to end your marriage, divorce isn't the only option. Depending on the circumstances, you could choose an annulment instead. The Law Office of David E. Kelley & Associates has extensive experience helping clients file annulments in the Fort Worth, TX area. You can trust family law attorney David E. Kelley help you decide whether divorce or annulment is right for you.

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What's the difference between a divorce and an annulment?

A divorce and an annulment will both legally end your marriage. Unlike a divorce, an annulment ends your marriage by declaring it void. This means it was never valid and will be treated as if it didn't exist.

Reach out to an experienced annulment lawyer if:

  • You were underage at the time of the ceremony
  • You were under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • You were involved in a fraudulent wedding
  • You were forced to get married, or you married under duress

To learn more about divorce and annulment law, contact the Law Office of David E. Kelley & Associates. A family law attorney in Fort Worth, TX will be glad to answer your questions.