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This was my first experience working with an attorney, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to use David E Kelley & Associates. From our first meeting until everything was finalized David proved himself knowledgeable, patient, and fair. In a time when everything else in my world was unsettled and unknown, it bought me comfort knowing that David and his team were helping me finalize my divorce as amicably as possible.
I would be remiss if I failed to mention how incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and kind his associate Lisa Gavia was throughout this process. She was always quick to respond to my calls and emails, and took the time to explain things in a way I was able to understand.
I am very grateful to them both, and am happy with the length of time it took to finalize my divorce and the outcome. Should the need arise I would gladly use David E Kelley and Associates again.


Outstanding job. Always available to talk and worked hard for me. Truly would recommend him.


Mr. Kelley and his paralegal, Lisa, are extremely knowledgeable of family law, return your phone calls in a timely manner and will take the time to explain the processes to you. I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a great legal team with an understanding attitude toward their client. They truly care about their clients.


David & Lisa are both highly professional, thorough, fair and efficient. They were especially effective against opposing counsel/party who was a complete unnecessary nightmare. David & Lisa helped cut through all nonsense and keep the process flowing smoothly with matter of fact results at each stage. Honestly, an excellent experience all of the way through.


He was a great lawyer and I felt he had my back all the way. 5 star


Mr. Kelley and associates helped me through a difficult time in my life with effortless and genuine concern for my situation. There are no words to describe my gratitude for David Kelley and his staff for their dedication to my success in the divorce process. I would highly recommend if you are ever in need of a divorce lawyer to reach out to 'The Law Office of David E. Kelley'.


David Kelley is a wonderful attorney. After more than 20 years of marriage I was a nervous wreck when I came to his office. After my initial meeting with him and his associate, Lisa Gavia, it felt as if the clouds had parted and I was actually able to see light for the first time. His confidence and calm demeanor gave me great comfort in dark times. My divorce was handled quickly and decisively and I came away feeling that I received a more than fair settlement. If you are needing a divorce attorney, no matter the circumstances, definitely reach out to David Kelley.


David is easily one of the best family law/divorce attorneys in the Fort Worth area. He's the one guy I would trust to handle any legal issue affecting the family. Great in court and a really nice guy as well.


I attempted to do the divorce myself. Then there was finally a point were I needed help. I went to his office and he helped me the rest of the way with finalizing my divorce. Along with Mr. Kelley his staff was always available to answer any questions I had. I would recommend them to anyone!


As my attorney, David was very proactive in protecting my rights as a father. David and his associate Lisa Gavia went above and beyond to give reliable feedback and answers regarding my case. Additionally David demonstrated excellent negotiation skills during my mediation settlement agreement. At this law office, I felt my interests protected and adhered to causing no concerns. His services were reasonable and fair. I highly recommend him to others based on my experience as a client.


I highly recommend Mr. David Kelley, he did a wonderful job on my case in a timely manner. He got me the results i wanted for a fair price. Both he and lisa answered any questions i had and helped me to understand the process and how everything was going to work with my custody case. I will continue to use Mr. kelley if anything was to come up, but if anyone is needing a good lawyer Mr. kelley is the man to go to. They are really nice people and will work with you.


I hired David over a year ago and he has been amazing! He's honest, caring, supportive and takes your feelings into consideration! He went to bat for me like an attorney straight out of the movies!! The courtroom spectators where in ahhhh! I know I have a great attorney and will keep him for years to come!


David Kelley helped me through my divorce and made a difficult situation seem effortless. David and his staff were courteous and empathetic to my situation and had the desire to represent me and my needs throughtout the process. There are no words to describe my gratitude for David Kelley and Lisa Gavia for their dedication to not only mine but their clients success. I would recommend 'The Law Office of David E. Kelley' to anyone in need.


Mr Kelley and his law firm helped me recently with my divorce. Everyone in his office is a professional and treats you as their own family. I was able to come to them at anytime for questions and they were timely with their answers. I would recommend this law firm to anyone!


Attorney David E. Kelley and his law firm represented me during my 2014-2015 divorce case. He is a very intelligent and compassionate family attorney who did exceptional work, which ended up resulting in a fair court settlement. He was always available on the phone/email and consistently responded to my queries promptly. He was always early to our court hearings and made sure that I understood what was going to be presented in court during each individual hearing. Every time I walked out of his office after meeting with him, I felt confident, I felt secure, and I felt trusted. By far one of the top, most effective Family Law Attorney with an incomparable Law Firm in the Dallas/FortWorth Area. I highly recommend David E. Kelley and his Law Firm.


Did an excellent job bringing both me and my spouse into an agreement we could both live with. Took the drama out and dealt with it in a honest business fashion. He came to me on a referral from a friend who has used him and I am very pleased with the outcome. Fees were fair and he kept me informed.