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Your divorce doesn't have to be a complicated, drawn-out process. If you qualify for uncontested divorce, you can make things official much faster than with a contested divorce. An attorney from the Law Office of David E. Kelley & Associates has the knowledge and skills needed to handle your uncontested divorce with the utmost care. You can count on our law firm in Fort Worth, TX to give you sound guidance throughout the legal proceeding.

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What are the requirements for an uncontested divorce?

If you and your spouse have reached an agreement over the terms of your divorce on your own, or if you have very few issues to work through, you might qualify for an uncontested divorce. In Texas, you and your spouse must have also lived in the state for six months.

Other requirements include having no:

  • Minor children
  • Ongoing bankruptcy cases
  • Jointly owned property
  • Retirement benefits to divide

In addition to these requirements, neither spouse can seek alimony during an uncontested divorce.

To find out whether you and your spouse qualify for an uncontested divorce in the Fort Worth, TX area, contact the Law Office of David E. Kelley & Associates. You can schedule a consultation with our family lawyer at your convenience.